October Exercise Handshake

Exercise Handshake tomorrow evening October 29th @ 1900 on a MAVCOM repeater near you. As always we will be meeting at the club room in the Colchester EMO Bldg on Pictou Rd in Bible Hill. After checkins there will be the usual discussions about anything and everything Ham Radio, or anything else for that matter. All are welcome.

Exercise Handshake Sept 24th

Exercise Handshake tomorrow evening September 24th @ 1900 on a MAVCOM repeater near you. As always we will be meeting at the club room in the Colchester EMO Bldg on Pictou Rd in Bible Hill. After checkins there will be the usual discussions about anything and everything Ham Radio, or anything else for that matter. All are welcome.

Trout Lake Rally Communications

Hi folks,

I’m terribly sorry for how last minute I am getting in touch with you, but if possible I would love to have the help from HARC for the Trout Lake Rally on October 6th, 2019. The event is very similar to those which you have been a part of in the past few years. This year’s event was supposed to take place down towards, the Annapolis valley, but issues with the department of Lands and Forest have forced us to change locations, last minute.

At minimum I was hoping to have 8 licensed operators at this event, although, the more the merrier. I also messaged the club in Greenwood to see if they still had any interest. Do either of you have a regular contact with the Truro Club to ask if they would like to be involved?

Forgive me for the disorganization, as this is the first time I’ve run an event on my own. I could use the feed back.

Dustin Chute

If you are interested in helping out please let Dustin dustinchute@gmail.com or Jason ve1pye@bellaliant.net or myself irally@gmail.com know asap.

The rally will be head quartered at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 166. 8706 HWY 354, Kennetcook, NS B0N 1P0. This site will act as Rally HQ , Registration for Co-Drivers, Drivers, Service Crew,  Scrutineering, Start of Rally,  Parc Fermé, and Awards.



2019/20 TARC Executive

Congratulations to the new 2019/20 club executive.

President – Dave Hull VE1HUL

VP – Logan Shaw VE1LFS

Treasurer – Michael Harvey VE1MBH

Secretary – Kim Werkman VE1KJW

Welcome to Kim the new member of the executive as everyone else was elected by acclamation.

CANWARN for Hurricane Dorian

There is now an expectation that CANWARN will be running Saturday night and Sunday morning, September 7 to 8th 2019. I will post the repeaters we will be using later. (There is also an expectation that HATS will be running on the repeaters and they will have priority as they will be sending operational messages.)

The reports will be requested at the top of the hours,


Error in September QST’s Convention and Hamfest Calendar

Error in September QST’s Convention and Hamfest Calendar

Hello, ARRL members in the Maine Section.

Please be aware that the Maine (Windsor) – September 22 hamfest as published in September, 2019, QST’s “Convention and Hamfest”

column on page 97 is an error.  This information from last year’s (2018) event was erroneously reprinted in this year’s QST.

The hamfest in Windsor already occurred on July 27, and the announcement was properly published in the “Convention and Hamfest” column on page 99 of July, 2019, QST.

We, at ARRL Headquarters, apologize for this error.  Thanks to Bill Crowley, K1NIT, ARRL Maine Section Manager, for notifying Headquarters of this mistake.  Any questions regarding hamfest listings can be sent to Convention and Event Coordinator Eric Casey, KC2ERC, via kc2erc@arrl.org.

Thank you.


Steve Ewald, WV1X

Supervisor, Field Organization Team

September Club meeting

Less than a week away to the September Club meeting, on the 9th @ the EMO Bldg on Pictou Rd in Bible Hill.

Don’t forget the club AGM with the election of officers will take place first. Then we will get into the regular meeting.

The current executive have agreed to re-offer for the positions they now hold. We do need a club secretary though.

Memberships for 2019/20 can be purchased at the meeting.

Radio operators needed for Lookoff Rally

Request for Operators – 2m VHF & APRS if available. Ledwidge Lookoff Rally (http://www.lookoffrally.com/) Date: Sunday 11 AUGUST 2019 Time: 0800-1800’ish for rally and dinner provided following. Location: Meet location Walton (NS) Fire Department (45.228387°,-64.002699°)

The organizers of the Ledwidge Lookoff Rally have approached local Amateur Radio Operators for communications support for this event. HAMs have provided communications for this event for several years and our support is a key component to the safety and success of the event. For this year’s event all stages will be run in one area. For the 2019 event, we will be making use of a mobile repeater trailer compliments of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club.

Now what is really needed is volunteer Radio Amateurs to be positioned are various points around the stages. We need everyone to be self-equipped with a functional 2m radio, preferably a mobile and a handheld as a back-up. The operators will be posted to several points on the course to update the progress of the competitors as they race around the stages, be available at pre-identified locations to prevent access to the stages by ATVs and to provide emergency communications should there be an incident long the route. We ideally need approximately thirteen (13) volunteers. Seven (7) will take their own vehicle to positions around the course. Four (4) of these operators will be assigned to course cars and therefore will need a magnetic mobile antenna and a radio that can operate from an auxiliary power point in the vehicle or from batteries. One (1) will be assigned to shadow the Clerk of the course and the final one (1) will operate a radio at the headquarters. This person will be asked to also maintain a radio log during the day and operate as the net control. If you have a preference in where you’d like to be positioned please advise. If you have an SUV / pick-up / 4×4 it is recommended however the route is relatively a well-groomed dirt road for the most part. You will drive around the stage to where you are assigned and the be parked there for the duration of the event.

We will meet at the Walton Fire Department between for 0800 to get organized and head out at 0900 to get set up. Breakfast will be available starting at 7:30am for anyone who likes Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage etc. Snacks will be provided, but not lunch so you are recommended to bring their own. It is also strongly recommended to bring liquids to stay hydrated through what might be a hot day in the woods, insect repellent, sunscreen and clothing suitable to NS weather (which can change with little notice).

Dinner is provided post Rally at the Walton Fire Department; it will be a Turkey dinner. End of Rally is at 5:35pm, and Supper will begin at the Fire Department at 6pm. This is of course all pending a smooth rally and the end times my deviate later. Camping is available at the Ledwidge Property on Saturday night for anyone who would like to save some travel time in the morning. It is un-serviced camping so they will need to come prepared to be completely self-sufficient. The field is a now disused grass airstrip. The event also provides volunteers with a T-Shirt to help identify you in the stages as event volunteers.

Those interested in volunteering please contact Peter Service (VE1PS) at ve9nps@gmail.com.