DownEast Flea Market

From – Jeremy Fowler May 14, 2018

Greeting from HARC

This is a not so gentle reminder that the DownEast Flea Market is scheduled for the 26th of May

That’s 12 days from today .

As it stands now , table reservations are very low , and if people plan on selling , they need to book tables NOW ..

Tables can be booked thru Craig MacKinnon (VE1JMA) at

If the numbers don’t reach a decent level in the next week , we stand a chance of having to cancel the event for this year..

This years event was problematic because the gymnasium where we normally hold it is not available this year , due to the impending destruction of the building.

We had difficulty finding a new location that would suit us .

Further details regarding the times and location can be found on the HARC website.

Please spread the word as best you can.

Appreciate your cooperation .


Jeremy Fowler