VE1XK – service interruption

Hi All,

There are some impending changes at the VE1XK site, and I was kind of taken by surprise at how quickly they’re happening. The current building is being torn down and a new one built to replace it, but in the mean time we’re going to have to move our equipment into a temporary building. I’m not sure when that needs to happen, but it’ll be sometime in the rather short term, probably by the beginning of next week.

For the initial move it’s just going to be moving the equipment over, not hooking everything back up. It doesn’t make sense to make cables to get antennas hooked up for a short term relocation. This will affect the packet radio system, and the VE1XK aprs node, as well as the Fusion repeater. Unlike the packet and aprs, though, the Fusion will still be operating but out of the EMO building again on 146.985- once again, and temporarily be called VE1AO. Not an ideal solution, and I hope it doesn’t cause issues for anyone but with the short timeframe to make a decision that seemed like the best option, and the one that would lead to the least downtime.

So, I will likely be seeking out people in the near future for assistance in moving the rack and multicouplers over to the temporary building. Hopefully a few are available once they get power in the temporary building (even if we aren’t plugging things in right away, having lights helps).