2019 SMART Symposium

Greetings everyone,
The WestCumb ARC in Amherst is now in the process of starting plans for the 2019 Symposium for Maritime Amateur Radio Technicians (SMART). https://www.westcumb.ca/s-m-a-r-t-2019
Many who attended last year enjoyed the presentation by Cory Sickles WA3UVV on Fusion Radio. We will be contacting Cory again this year to see if he will attend with a updated presentation on Fusion Radio. We are asking amateurs in the Maritimes who have purchased Fusion Radios in the past year to let us know so we can pass this information along to him so that he may come up here again.
Email me at jimve1jbl@gmail.com within the next couple of days and let me know which fusion radio you purchased and how many you now have. Once we have this information it will be added to the letter which will be sent to Cory.
The WestCumb ARC will be purchasing at least one Fusion radio as a grand prize for this year’s event. We will be contacting all the local clubs looking for gift cards and prizes again this year as this went over very well last year. Again this year the club will purchase a PEI Bridge Pass as a draw for hams of PEI.
FYI, I have recently purchased a Fusion Radio and have enjoyed the time on the radio and speaking to the many local amateurs and other hams across Canada and around the world.
Hope to hear from you and also see many of you at this years SMART.
A new webpage has been started for this year’s SMART and as I get more information I will add it to the site. I am still working on the Registration form so please DO NOT use it at this time.
Any questions please let me know.
All the best,
Jim Langille VE1JBL