CANWARN Atlantic activated for Jan 20, 2019

Yesterday at 11:17 AM · 

Canwarn Atlantic will be activated at 1200 Sunday Jan. 20th, 2019 for the storm coming up the eastern seaboardC

Yesterday at 11:50 AM · 

During the activation if you record the information and radio it in the following order it will be very efficient.

The information will be requested at the top of each hour. the order that the information is requested is:

Your Location
Name/call sign
Wind speed / direction
Snowfall amount
Rainfall amount
Barometric Pressure
Thunder Snow

1 hr · 

Greetings all CANWARN members,

Here is the email address to send storm reports to Environment Canada.
Remember to put CANWARN and your location in the subject line.

Remember you can also post reports at any time to Twitter which Environment Canada follow. 
Post report with Hashtag. #nsstorm#nbstorm#pestorm and #nlwx
in your tweet. 
If I receive info from EC and what they will be looking for I will pass it along to you. 
Remember to take your readings at the top of each hour.