Trout Lake Rally Communications

Hi folks,

I’m terribly sorry for how last minute I am getting in touch with you, but if possible I would love to have the help from HARC for the Trout Lake Rally on October 6th, 2019. The event is very similar to those which you have been a part of in the past few years. This year’s event was supposed to take place down towards, the Annapolis valley, but issues with the department of Lands and Forest have forced us to change locations, last minute.

At minimum I was hoping to have 8 licensed operators at this event, although, the more the merrier. I also messaged the club in Greenwood to see if they still had any interest. Do either of you have a regular contact with the Truro Club to ask if they would like to be involved?

Forgive me for the disorganization, as this is the first time I’ve run an event on my own. I could use the feed back.

Dustin Chute

If you are interested in helping out please let Dustin or Jason or myself know asap.

The rally will be head quartered at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 166. 8706 HWY 354, Kennetcook, NS B0N 1P0. This site will act as Rally HQ , Registration for Co-Drivers, Drivers, Service Crew,  Scrutineering, Start of Rally,  Parc Fermé, and Awards.