Covid-19 & TARC

Hi All,
As I am sure you are aware the Covid-19 virus has arrived in NS, as 3 presumptive cases were announced today at the NS Government news conference.

As a large portion of our members are in the 65+ range and or have additional health issues, along with all the closures due to Covid-19, I have decided it would be in the best interest of the club to postpone to later dates the following:

  • the Basic Amateur Radio Course
  • the club dinner
  • Exercise Handshake participation @ the club room
  • April Club meeting

Also until further notice the Colchester EMO Coordinator has requested that club members not use the EMO Bldg and club room due to the Covid-19 out break. This will allow for better cleaning and sanitizing of the building during and after the threat is over.

I will monitor the situation and once the Covid-19 issues are over we will finish the course and get back to our other normal activities. Including the use of the EMO Bldg.

Thanks everyone for your understanding.


Dave Hull VE1HUL
President TARC
RAC Maritime Section Manager