Field Day June 27 & 28, 2020

For those planning to participate in Field Day this weekend, June 27 & 28.
Just a reminder that we the TARC will not be doing Field Day from the club room this year due to Covid -19. So we are suggesting that you participate from home and have some fun with it. Some info follows.

  1. For members of the TARC or those who may wish to help boost the clubs points ensure that when you submit your results you indicate that your club is “Truro Amateur Radio Club”. Don’t change the wording or abbreviate it in any manner.
  2. Submitting your results for Field Day is easy – there is no need to submit your actual log, and it can be done online: You also gain an extra 50 bonus points for doing so!
  3. Field Day rules are available at:
  4. You start operating at 1500 Saturday, and keep going until 1500 Sunday.