Basic Radio Course

Are you interested in becoming a Ham radio operator, or just want to know what Ham Radio (Amateur Radio) is all about?

The following link will take you to an amazing video that tells you everything you need or want to know about this exciting hobby, and it will show you that Amateur Radio is in fact MUCH more than a hobby, it has an important public service component as well.

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The next annual Basic Amateur Radio Certification Course presented by the Truro Amateur Radio Club, and taught by experienced Club members, will begin February 13th at the TARC  Club Station located at the Colchester EMO building, 39 Pictou Rd in Bible Hill.

Contact person is Dave Hull, VE1HUL.  Email Dave at 

The regular weekly classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 PM.


The course contents follow the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) Study Guide (9th. Edition). It includes about 22 hours of instruction, including both classroom and hands-on sessions. This comprehensive course should result in successful completion of the entry-level qualifying exam at the end of the course. We believe this is a great way to start your career in amateur radio. The first evening will include an introduction to ham radio as we dive into course material. I urge anyone who thinks they may be interested in becoming a ham to attend that evening. You will have an opportunity to hear about the many exciting dimensions of our hobby and to obtain detailed information about the course.


The course venue will be the Truro Amateur Radio Club’s facilities at the Colchester EMO building, 39 Pictou Rd in Bible Hill..


The final multiple choice exam will be provided by the Club’s Volunteer Examiner. The pass mark for obtaining the Basic Certification is 70%. However, if you pass with honours (80% or higher) you will be granted a Basic with Honours Certification that provides full operating privileges on all bands. You can also obtain full operating privileges with an initial pass rate of 70% by demonstrating Morse code proficiency at 5 wpm.

Although Morse code is no longer an absolute requirement for licensing, it remains a very useful and enjoyable aspect of our hobby.


The total cost of the Basic Amateur Radio Certification Course is $75.00 This includes the following learning materials and benefits:

  • Study Guide (9th Edition) from Coax Publications
  • Truro Amateur Radio Club Course Fee
  • Expert instruction by certified amateurs
  • Free certification exam and application to Industry Canada
  • Online course materials
  • Membership in TARC for one year
  • Copy of the Club’s monthly newsletter, The Transmitter.
  • Let me know that you are interested in taking the course, and I will put you on the distribution list for further information, including the detailed curriculum outline. I look forward to helping you become a part of this wonderful hobby!

Course Coordinator

Dave Hull, VE1HUL.

If you are interested in participating in the Basic Amateur Radio Course please fill in and submit the following form, prior to February 13, 2019.

You can still partake in the course without pre-registering, it just makes it easier for us if you do.