The Canadian Weather Amateur Radio Network (CANWARN) is a volunteer organization of amateur radio operators who report severe weather and damage reports to Environment Canada when they see it. Weather reports from amateur radio operators  (ground-truthing stations) help confirm on the ground what satellites and radars see in the atmosphere. The information gathered from CANWARN is also used to update and fine tune weather warnings, fill in gaps in current observing networks and is also valuable in forensic storm analysis. When Environment Canada issues severe weather watches or warnings, they may alert the CANWARN volunteer Net Controllers in the affected areas.

Link to the CANWARN on facebook –

If Environment Canada asks for CANWARN to be activated the following will happen:

  1. Net Control will contact members by e-mail and inform them a net will be activated on the MAVCOM system and at what time,
  2. what information Environment Canada will be looking for,
  3. the order the information is to be sent. This is very important as NCO’s will only have a short time each hour to collect this info and send it off to Environment Canada in Dartmouth.

Here is the email address to send storm reports to Environment Canada. Remember to put CANWARN and your location in the subject line.

Remember you can also post reports at any time to Twitter which Environment Canada follow. Post report with Hashtag. #nsstorm#nbstorm#pestorm and #nlwx.
in your tweet.

Remember to take your readings at the top of each hour.


CANWARN Repeaters

Repeater Link on Link off
IRLP Reflector 9014 73
Amherst VE1WRC 147.285+ 154* 155*
Sugarloaf VE1BHS 145.350- 132* 133*
Charlottetown VE1CRA 146.670- 122* 123*
Summerside VE1CFR 146.850- 124* 125*
Harmony VE1HAR 147.135- 104* 105*
New Glasgow VE1HR 146.760- 190* 191*
Antigonish VE1RTI 146.820- 192* 193*
Oban VE1OBN 147.105+ 196* 197*
Upper Sackville VE1USR 146.970- 136* 137*
Hammonds Plains VE1PKT 146.685- 138* 139*
Greenwood VE1WN 147.240+ 178* 179*
Digby VE1AAR 147.015+ 170* 171*
Lunenburg VE1LUN 147.330+ 114* 115*
Environment Canada 449.100- 110* 111*