Field Day is here, June 23/18

Well so far Field Day is not going as well as last year. We got off to a slow start for contacts but things picked up quickly and went well for awhile. Contacts trailed off after supper and never got any better.

We decided to call it a night at 2200 as the only Hams left had been there since noon and were getting tired. So we will pick things back up around 0800 and hopefully the contacts will come fast and furious.

Radio Operators needed for RallySprint this coming Saturday

Hi All,

I got a message from Patricia Duncan earlier today and she is looking for 2 or 3 Ham Radio Operators for the BAC RallySprint in the Walton area this coming Saturday June 16, 2018. I am unavailable as I have another commitment. I have requested more info and as soon as I get it I will post it here.

If you are interested let me know at and I will pass the info on to Patricia.

Patricia’s message:

Hi Dave, hope all is well. I’m in search of two, possibly three amateur radio operators for this coming Saturday (10:00 to 17:00) I am organizing a rally sprint near Walton. I understand this is last minute but if you or anyone else would be interested in helping that would be greatly appreciated. My go-to radio operators are all busy and I’d prefer to use radios if at all possible. If you would prefer, I can send you more info via email. Thanks.

Info Update:

Recce 08:00 – 10:30
MTC / Service opens 10:30
Registration 10:30 – 11:30
Drivers Meeting 11:30
Car 0 Starts 12:00
Car 0 Finish 16:00
Results/Awards 17:00

I am still looking for a few volunteers, particularly radio operators. If you know of anyone looking to volunteer please email me :

Please note that the location of the sprint is different than the July 2017 sprint. Here is a link to Google Maps: or GPS coordinates: 45°16’6.60″N 63°54’56.45″W. Please make note of this so we have all competitors showing up at the right spot.

Round Table reminder

Just a reminder that the TARC Newbie Round Table will be back on the air tomorrow night (June 10, 2018) at 2100 hrs on a MAVCOM repeater near you.

Topics – antennas and summer lightning protection, basic repeater operation and of course we will field any questions that come up.

Talk to you tomorrow night.



Morse Code Training Course

Well the Morse Code training is over for the summer.

The participants have worked hard these last few months and while not good enough to be contesting, I will say we are a lot better than when we started. Summer is here, well almost, so we just need to make time to practice between all the other activities.

Morse Code Training will most likely be returning in the fall.