TARC VHF Packet Winlink Station

I wanted to advise everyone that thanks to John Langille VE1CWJ and Brett Nelson VE1NEL the Truro Amateur Radio Club now has a VHF Winlink Packet Gateway up and running at the club room as of December 13th.

The name of the Gateway Station is VE1AO-10

For those with packet stations this will give you the ability to send emails to the world over VHF through the Gateway using the Winlink Express email program. If you do not already have a Winlink email address you can go to Winlink.org download the program and sign up for an email address. Winlink Express can also be used as a regular email program directly over the internet for those who wish to use it that way.

For those in the Truro area with line of site communications, the gateway can be accessed locally on a frequency of 145.07mhz using Packet Winlink mode on the Winlink Express email program.

For those outside the Truro area that do not have line of site communications,  you can access the Gateway through the VE1TAL Node on the MARCAN Packet system.  

Winlink Express is slowly becoming the go to program for providing Amateur Radio operators the ability to send and receive emails over the air waves. With the use of a portable/mobile packet station and a laptop, whether as an exercise or in emergency situations, Amateur Radio operators in the Truro area will now have the ability to send emails over the air waves from remote locations.

The TARC invites everyone to try out the Gateway. Let us know your experience using Winlink and the Gateway, which are just additional tools for enjoying the vast hobby of Amateur Radio.

In the new year we will be putting on a discussion and demonstration following a club meeting, probably February or March. 



Dave Hull